Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Things of Dry Hours runthrough was really magical--it was the first time they'd done the entire play in one piece, and there's always something hidden and secretive about that run, something vulnerable, that makes it a particular treat to be invited to...the process of discovery is happening for the actors at the same time as it is for us watching in the rehearsal room, and it lends a kind of athleticism to the proceedings that I treasure.

And the play itself is great--so much better on its feet than even it was on the page, and I thought it was pretty damn good when I read it. I really glad that they'll be going up while we're in town, so that we can see how Portland reacts to the work.

On our end, Portland appears to be reacting well to 21DY--the Willamette Week's review is pretty great, and traditionally PCS get manhandled by that particular reviewer, so everyone is very happy around the theater. This is a good thing--when you are a solo performer there's very little to hide behind if the show goes poorly, so it's always a terrific relief to knock the notices out of the park.