Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello Mike,

I got on your mailing list as a result of an e-mail I sent you after seeing "How Theatre Failed America" in New York.

When I got your e-mail updates about the Last Cargo Cult I was deeply conflicted and slightly annoyed. Why? Let me explain...

Your e-mail suggests the monologue is at least in part an examination of a culture that worships America. This is interesting from an anthropological or ethnological perspective but the thing that concerns me about such an examination is that unless you provide balance in the form of information or commentary from other cultures that DON'T worship America, or that don't like America, or heck even revile America, then you may be playing into some of the worst assumptions Americans make about themselves. Namely that everyone in the world wants to be an American, or if they don't then they're jealous. As a Canadian I assure you, not everyone wants to be an American, and they're not even slightly jealous.

Anyway without having seen your new stuff I'm not sure what to think. I only hope that you aren't so completely marinated in American cultural narcissism that you realize America isn't special or different than anywhere else. Sure maybe these folks on this little island in the middle of nowhere worship America but don't for a second think that the rest of the world feels that way. No offense intended.

Break a leg with your new stuff.




I debated responding, as it is usually better to bite one's tongue.

You haven't seen THE LAST CARGO CULT, but are offended by what the monologue might be about. Rereading your email from May of last year you appear to have been touched by my work, but it would seem clear you have very little faith in me to do a compelling job with this particular material.

Fair enough.

I will admit that it rankles a bit that you have seen HTFA, so you are familiar with my work, yet somehow believe I AM SO FUCKING RETARDED that I would have created a monologue with the viewpoints/intentions you express in your email.

Perhaps someday you will see THE LAST CARGO CULT. Perhaps you will not. In any case, you should know that receiving emails from people with feedback about work they haven't seen and have no understanding of is really annoying.

Best regards,


PS: I've decided to unsubscribe you from future announcements, as I don't wish to receive your feedback on other future projects you haven't seen yet.