Friday, December 26, 2008

HTFA was mentioned in a year end wrapup in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"HOW THEATER FAILED IN AMERICA: Monologist Mike Daisey sparked a brief national conversation with this production, which he workshopped here in January before a short mounting in New York."

It's always nice to be mentioned, but it must be clarified that HTFA will run in 2009 in major engagements at Woolly Mammoth in Washington DC, the Mark Taper in Los Angeles, and at a TBA venue in Chicago. Any conversation about the state of American theater is ongoing and growing, not a past-tense event that has concluded.

It is nitpicky to a degree, but it's this kind of sloppy arts criticism that rankles. A cursory search woud have revealed that the show didn't end after the run at Joe's Pub, as well as what's happening with it since then. I just tried--it took three clicks from Google and a total of eighty seconds.

(To be really nitpicky, HTFA tranferred in Off-Broadway in New York due to popularity and ran a total of four months—is that really "short"? Hurumph.)