Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Excerpted from tonight's stage management report for 21 DOG YEARS:

Customer Interaction of the Day:
A guy walks up to the box office and asks to buy three tickets for tomorrow�s show. He�s already seen the show once, during previews, but this time he�s bringing his nephew so he wants to make sure there�s nothing that would be inappropriate for a 14-year-old. Sandy looks at me so I tell him that there�s a liberal sprinkling of �fucks� and �shits� throughout the show. But the guy says, �Nah, I�m not worried about that. It�s the sex with his girlfriend.�

�What?� I ask. �There�s no sex in the show, actually.�

�Yeah there is. I�ve seen it once before. You know, the part where they clear the furniture away and they have sex on the floor? That�s the part I�m talking about.�

�No, seriously. That doesn�t happen in this show.�

�Yes it does! I�ve seen the show before. They have to move all the furniture!�

Despite not believing either Sandy or me, the man purchased three full-priced tickets for tomorrow�s show. Let�s hope he�s not too disappointed.