Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Followup on the Hal Holbrook article from Guy Tynes:

Couldn't help but respond to your note about Hal Holbrook. I believe my sister, Betty, was a sophomore at Millsaps College when Hal came and performed in the old Christian Center on campus in Jackson, MS. It would have been 1959, I believe, and I well remember her excitedly telling of the special privilege she and others had when, as
members of the Millsaps Players Drama group, they were allowed to watch Holbrook put his makeup on. He was a good looking rake at that time, so the transformation was even more astounding than it is today. She made a believer out of me while I was a 9th grader at the time regarding Holbrook and Clemens.

I've been privileged to see his performance twice in person and have his original Columbia double album around here someplace, I think. I've even heard a couple of local Memphis acting types take a fling at doing Clemens, to pretty good effect. He's always been a favorite and though he didn't impress me with his choice of mate (Dixie Carter), I wish him well always.