Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I have taken a strange but exhilarating step: I have unhooked the antenna from my television. After long thought, I have grown disheartened by the amount of crap that flows in through it, and I think the Web is crappy enough to take up all free "crap-designated" time in that regard.

I used to watch only a little TV, and that was true for many years, but without the need to go to rehearsals every night my TV habits have spiraled up out of control.

We end up watching from midnight to 2 or 3 am, on the nights when we do--it's a way for us to unwind. The problem is that this is also prime writing and productivity time for me.
You let that happen just 2 or 3 nights a week...and whammo! Dead in the water.

Also, it makes it impossible to get up like a normal person. If I am going to be groggy I want it to be because I was working/goofing, not zoning. What the hell do I have to show for my time then? I don't even have an Xbox yet! I demand more interactive ways to dispose of my time, and less viewing of SPIN CITY reruns at 2:30am.

I'm probably still well below the average American, but if you factor in web wastage AND the need to make shit, it is lethal.

There is a certain amount of humor inherent to being a guy whose primary job right now is creating a series for television who is celebrating his freedom from the same device. I feel a little bit like a tobacco company executive.