Sunday, February 02, 2003

My wife was googling for "supermodels with see through blouses" and found this gem of a student paper that believes that in the Soviet era men and women were equal (!) in the USSR, and longs for the return of that equality. I'm afraid she actually went to college, young deluded miss, who after a brief Googling reveals to the intrepid voyeur that she was Phi Beta Kappa at Williams and Mary where she received honors in history, helped run the Green and Gold Charity, was in charge of the Williams and Mary Ballroom Club, occasionally had some degree of computer issues, went to Homestead High School where she was a member of the chorale...oh, the list is endless.

If you'd like to see more of these Monroe Projects, which strike me as some of the most insipid summaries of bad study-abroad experiences I have ever seen, have at them Maybe there are some gems in there, but I doubt it.

Why is my wife searching for naked online chicks? Because she is a perv.

Goodnight, Lauren Jean Schantz...wherever you are.