Sunday, April 13, 2003

Man, it is glorious outside today--spring air, bright sun, clear and unhumid and not-cold and generally non-horrible. It's nearly a perfect Sunday.

I have an immense amount of work to plow through in the next few days, ranging from project related to domestic to paying bills...somehow it has all mounted up on me. Still, it's hard to resist the siren lure of a Sunday--in my little park, the children trying to eat the pigeons and the ice cream truck coming around the corner every three minutes.

BTW, people have been asking me how I find things on the's one of my tricks, a fantastic lookup page designed to cover all your bases in one fell swoop. It rocks.

To be honest, I'm only inside to see if I can get JM on the phone in Texas...I just keep getting sent to voicemail, so I'll wrap this up and get back to the sun I so richly deserve.