Monday, August 25, 2003

It's Monday again--and the end of the festival. Everywhere you can see the machinery coming down, and the long national hangover is beginning. I've been warned by our producer that the last show is always anticlimactic, and I'm expecting it--how could it not be after a solid month like this?

Over the weekend I saw some amazing theater and shows, including Pickle, which wins my personal vote as the best thing I saw here in Edinburgh--it's a purely magical story, very lovely and very with both imagination and heart.

Demetri won the Perrier, which most expected but I was very pleased--of the nominees I thought he was far and away the one that had to win. The Scotsman article I just linked to pointed out that there was "controversy" over his win, but it seems mainly trumped up to me--I never heard anyone complaining, and the paper isn't even able to find anyone on record saying they are displeased. He rocks and it is really nice to see a good, decent, talented person getting the brass ring. That doesn't happen every day.

One show left here, and then the long trek home...I'm ready for the States, and ready for my home. I will miss the festival, but it's lovely knowing that it's here every year--and now that I've tried it, I expect I'll be back to take another crack at it in the future.

I will miss the cheese here. Man, the Scottish do cheese like nobody's business.