Monday, January 05, 2004

For all those who have been following my quest, a television has been purchased today after long, agonizing deliberation over the holidays. This thing had better massage my feet and see through time for the amount of thinking I've done about it. Interested people can email me for details of the make and model--I don't want to unduly bore the general public.

In slightly more interesting consumer news, I am also buying a ridiculously powerful antenna for my personal WiFi network. In a classic case of scope creep, JM's iBook was having some reception problems in the apartment. After long diagnosis, i realized her antenna was loose...but not before i had learned too much about radiation patterns, EM signatures and dBm, necessitating I buy a superantenna from these people.

In a final piece of geekery, I cracked open my Airport Base Station and put some red tissue paper over the indicator lights, cutting down on the ridiculous light level Apple outfitted these things with. They blink when there is activity, and they literally light up the bedroom all night long--we've been covering the thing with a cloth since we've had it because of the problem. If anybody else needs to do this, directions for opening are here. i can't tell you how much better the base station is now that it doesn't direct airliners where to land.

If you can't tell, I'm under deadline--hence all the ridiculous distractions.