Saturday, January 03, 2004

How shocking--I was spotted perusing televisions at Best Buy. It was bound to happen, as the number of bloggers skyrockets and I find myself living in ridiculously dense and tech-y environments, but it's still worth noting. I keep wondering, Did I look OK? Was a polite to those around me? Did I give a good impression as I shopped? The lesson here is that the public is always watching, and one should act accordingly.

I'm making some headway on my resolutions for the new year, but to prevent an outbreak of lame-ism and violent self-doubt I'll be keeping them to myself until a little later in January, just to ensure that they are actually coming true.

On a whim we saw a one-person show about our neighborhood today, being put on in a very hip bar on Smith Street. Here's a review, though I hasten to add that it is a poorly written one--they got an article in the times, but it's aged and i can't get a good link to it. The gist is that my neighborhood is a hotbed of transition from old-world Italian to nouveaux riche yuppie with some artistes mixed in, and this has happened in very short order--within just 10 years it went from crack vials on the streets to top-rated Zagat eateries. The show is not spectacular, but it is solidly performed and has picked an excellent subject matter, which they explore well--if you have an interest in neighborhoods which change, this is worth seeing. You can get yourself tickets to more performances here.