Tuesday, March 23, 2004

An intrepid guy used Lexis-Nexis to figure out how many reporters have filed stories with "Martha Stewart" and "good thing" or "bad thing" as titles. The answer seems to be all of them.

Neat little meme that I've heard about anecdotally is filled out at Salon:

Because I had serious misgivings about the president's performance to that point, my own involvement in the whole operation had left me feeling a bit like a pseudo person, so when I had the chance to shake Bush's hand, I said, "Mr. President, I hope you only serve one term. I'm very disappointed in your work so far."

His smiling response was swift: "Who cares what you think?"

Get the full story here.

On the other axis, John Kerry has a real profile at Friendster.

Last night's show was tumultuous but good--it really is a workshop series, these performances, and I very nearly lost control of the show. It's more than a little tricky dealing with emotional issues that can rise up, not from within the performance itself, but from the performer--it's a layer beneath the material, which lends subtext and shading, but when it gets too stormy it makes the going rough from my end. My thanks to everyone who came, and the valuable feedback I got from folks over drinks later.

For now, I'm exhausted.