Wednesday, May 26, 2004


While Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld may not have signed a ban on new consumer digital-imaging technologies, he did express clear concern about the unforeseen impact of such technologies during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on May 7.

"People are running around with digital cameras and taking these unbelievable photographs and passing them off, against the law, to the media, to our surprise, when they had not even arrived in the Pentagon," Rumsfeld said.

This is Rumsfeld at his worst--he's doing everything he can to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The photos are "unbelievable"? That's doubletalk--they're PHOTOS, and he doesn't like them because they aren't controlled by the military.

The only defense the military has against photo devices is national security, which is a good defense--ubiquitious cameras may make covert operations difficult. But that isn't happening yet, and he doesn't even mention it here--he's just upset that information is getting free that makes him look bad.

It's pathetic--I at least expected a valid defense.