Tuesday, May 04, 2004

My friend Zach writes about the 48 Hour Film Project he's doing this year. The big surprise--his group is creating an animated film in that short time, which is horrendously hard and complex undertaking.

Just a quick announcement about this year's 48 Hour Film Project, happening this weekend (May 7-9) with screenings of completed films in the AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD, on May 12-14. This year I'm leading a team which will create an _animated_ film, so it should be neat (or a complete disaster). Tickets are bound to sell quickly, so go to http://www.afi.com/ and click on the Silver Theater link to buy them.

Our team's showing on Wednesday, May 12, at 7:15 PM, and that'll be our ONLY showing, unless we make the "best of" screenings. So buy a ticket today!

If you want to follow their progress, they have a blog set up for discussing their preparations--it's pretty interesting stuff.