Monday, May 17, 2004

Not too much blogging over the weekend, because I was both busy and because something is b0rked with my blogging software--I'm actually writing this in a webbrowser, the old skool way, and it reminds me of posting when I was visiting Europe and using public terminals. I do have to say that in the 2 years or so since then Blogger has really improved the interface--this is actually pretty nice to compose in.

Tonight is the last night of ALL STORIES ARE FICTION for this run, an opening and a closing in the same evening. I'm feeling a little ridiculously nostalgic--after all, there's no reason we won't do more of these shows in the future--but it's been such a great experience making new theater every week...I haven't done that since UIYG in Seattle for one summer, and never with my own shows. It was a very successful experiment--I've learned a lot about my own process, and gotten better as the run has progressed, which is gratifying. I'm also more aware of my own weaknesses, especially getting to compare my work on THE UGLY AMERICAN to the ASAF shows side-by-side--that was illuminating, to see how longer reflection and refinement can really pay off.

I'll miss P.S.122, even for the summer--it's been a wonderful place to work. I'll miss the folks who've been coming to so many shows, and going out to the's been a series of small rituals, one built on another, and it's been grand.