Sunday, January 09, 2005

First, the ridiculous: a fugitive hides in a Circuit City for months.

Second, the $100 question: where the hell have I been for four months? What happened to this blog, with its pithy commentary and meandering ways? Dilettante has endured countless changes and redirections in the past--it's been around since 2000, which is something like 1,000,000 years in blog-time. But it has never had such a killer hiatus.

And the hiatus was across the board--this website's other pages also stagnated, going totally dark and lank. No updates, no changes--why would I do that?

I still don't know, but I suspect it was as simply prosaic as being tired. Not on a day to day level, though it was a long fall, with weddings, family crises and performances in close collusion, but tired of cyberness. Of bloginess. Of updating and accountability and the whole ball of wax. It got so dead and dark that while the slow revamp is happening to the site I strongly considered killing off the blog and letting the site assume a new form, blogless and free of its attendant guilt.

Obviously, I didn't do that: you are reading this.

Instead I am turning over a new leaf, or rather the same leaf I've turned over countless times before: Dilettante is back in session, and will resume it's old publication schedule. It still has no ostensible point or purpose: it is an online journal of whatever I feel like posting, from random links to images to poems to <SHOCK! HORROR!> actual words pertaining to my actual life, or perhaps even the work I am doing therein.

There are never any promises, but I'm hopeful that this can be fun again. At the very least I've killed off all those pesky readers, so it can just be you and me.