Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Last night Cabel and the Panic crew came to the show--i've been a big fan of Panic's software since last century, when their incredible app Audion changed the way I listened to mp3s, both literally (I started using Audion) and figuratively (Audion was so much better than everything else, hands down, that it made my iMac a viable music listening/storage device). They're a Portland-based software company that gets it, and their exquisite complete history of Audion is required reading--it's a wonderful self-analysis of the life-cycle of a shareware product on the Mac platform.

We went out after the show to Henry's, which is a stone's throw from our digs but we hadn't realized has the CHEAPEST BAR MENU ON PLANET EARTH--during happy hour almost everything is $1.95. $1.95! Soup! Fries! Whole pizzas! We felt like kings, and everyone was just fantastic, regaling us with stories from MacWorld, and I told my Secret Steve Jobs story, which I haul out only on special occasions when the food costs only 195 pennies.


I was talking about the previous night's ALL STORIES ARE FICTION at one point, and when he got home Cabel emailed me a picture he had taken previously of Nikola Tesla corner...and as soon as I saw it, I recognized the place. It's right on Bryant Park, and I think I've walked by there a hundred times. It's at the corner of 40th and 6th Avenue.