Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tonight: the 13th performance. A performance that will live in infamy.

Well, it wasn't really that bad--but we had the only tech fuck-ups of the whole run, all in a row. A speaker blew out at the top, rendering some sound cues weirdly-shaped and dissonant. Then a light cue misfired right after the top, blinking from darkness to light. After that the show levelled out, but daaaaaaaamn--after 12 performances without a single incident, it was quite a storm.I don't want to be crassly superstitious, but look at the show number.

Did a Q&A after the show, which went well, then retired to Higgins, which is becoming our favorite after show spot, where we hung out with Justin, lighting designer friend from NYC in town for Apollo 2, and Diane Ragsdale, an old friend who used to work at OtB and is now at the Mellon Foundation. it was such a delight to unwind with them after the show over beers and talk about theater, New York and the state of the industry--I didn't realize how starved I was for this until I got it. Then we walked back to our hotel and Diane played with our dog...a very nice night indeed.

I googled Diane, and found this:

Over 40% of the homebuying public is a result of relocation. In today's HOT market, it's not about just putting your property on the MLS, it's about "setting the stage" and creating ugency for competive offers. I take my buyers through this complicated process in this fast pasced climate to a successful closing. I am ACCESSIBLE. I attend to the smallest detail. I am present at all inspections and communicate frequently with all players in the transaction on both sides. I strive to be the TOTAL PROFESSIONAL. Call or email me TODAY!
--Diane Ragsdale

You think you know someone, and then POW!--the eccentric arts professional turns out to be a realtor in Virginia Beach. It's an unbelievable world, isn't it?