Friday, January 21, 2005

Here I am, a year older--today is my birthday. Feel free to send threats, promises, etc. to all the usual addresses, both virtual and physical.

So far, a marvelous birthday. Last night after the show Jean-Michele whisked me away to a surprise show: Lewis Black at the Crystal Ballroom. It was wonderful--sharp, biting, funny and deeply instructive--I think we learn more these days watching stand-up comedy than we do most theater, especially watching an old pro like Black working the room, showing how rage and frustration can be simmered out on a slow burn for minutes, twisting and playing out in a whole panoply of expressions. Marvelous stuff, and a great surprise.


I also now have my first Moleskine, so I join the ranks of overly cool geeks everywhere...but I have to say, it's a marvelously designed little book.

I'd be remiss if I failed to note that my brother-in-law's twins are expected today--apparently dilation has already started, and so the family will soon have two more additions born on my birthday. I am looking forward to them being seven and asking what I got them for their birthday and being able to tell them gravely, "You? Your birthday? This is MY birthday, little girls, and I'm wondering where MY presents are--cough them up!" Good times, good times.

Now, off to breakfast and the day!