Friday, March 11, 2005

Two wonderful events this evening to tell you about, and then the Week of Continual Events will come to a close.


First, we went to a reading by the talented Clay McLeod Chapman, an author, performer and friend. We met him through the Pumpkin Pie Show, a remarkable ensemble of storytelling and gothic theater that he performs with One Ring Zero--they're really quite tremendous, and will be appearing at PS122 this spring, so make sure to catch them.

He's been out of the city for quite some time, replenishing his batteries in his homeland of Virginia, and it's a treat to have him back in the city. He told four stories tonight, and one of them concerning deer hunting season and a lost boy in a lost town was so haunting, I can see it in my mind's eye. Clay has tremendous gifts and a warm heart--it was a real delight to see him at KGB Bar, where the tiny podium with its strange light and the looming faces of fallen Communist icons makes what is, to my eyes, the perfect absurd backdrop to his stories.

Then it was on to the premiere of our friend Kyle's new rock experience, GORILLA MAN, at PS122.

There was fantastic energy in the room, and a fog machine used to good effect--nothing beats fog!

Then the show began--and what a monster! It was bursting at the seams, like the Fabulous Entourage but blown apart and rearranged with extra text--Kyle is a huge part of both endeavors, so it makes sense--but this was a great big mess of a show, with lots to commend it for. The singing was fantastic, and the staging is pure vaudevillian fun--the musicians act as a Greek chorus when needed, guiding the action, and the show is smart and sly in all the right places. If you're only going to see one musical about a boy transforming into a monstrous gorilla like his father before him, this would be the one.

We only stayed at the opening party briefly--I'm exhausted, and we have a lot to do before Monday.