Sunday, March 20, 2005

My uncle can memorize a deck of cards, and he uses the techniques outlined in this Slate piece on the US Memory Championships. Interesting stuff, though it sounds like watching the competition itself would be analogous to watching paint dry.

Read the NYTimes Review of Books today, which I've never really done before--fancy, fancy me. I loved the stuff on ghostwriting, which I've always been fascinated by the politics of--this piece by Joe Queenan is pretty great, but the Sarah Lyall investigation of Naim Attallah and his now-rebellious ghostwriter of 15 years is priceless--check it out.

This week brings performances of ALL STORIES ARE FICTION and an appearance by me at The Moth, where I will be doing extemporaneous storytelling as part of the evening, along with The Sopranos John Ventimiglia, Andy Borowitz and a cast of thousands. Well, not thousands. Actually, I think there are 6 storytellers, but I am assured they will *feel* like thousands in their whole-bodied intensity.