Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gorgeous shot of Mt. St. Helens this evening...if we were still at the Mark Spencer, we'd have watched it all evening.

Had a fantastic night--we went to Soho and met up with Sarah Richardson, one of the founders and artistic directors of the Rude Mechanicals, a fantastic ensemble out of Austin. They're famous for their bare-knuckle theatrics, amongst which is a play about Nikola Tesla, called Requiem for Tesla...check it out on their site.


They had a Tesla coil twice the size of ours, and she regaled us with stories of its incredibly dangerous qualities as we drank beers and kibbitzed like old, old friends who have only just met. We then went off to see all wear bowlers at HERE.

This was a real treat--a marvelous work of vaudevillian invention melded with modern existentialism, updated for the modern day. It delighted me in so many different ways, it's hard to count them all--and the palette! Working with seemlessly integrated film, these two men from Pig Iron and the Civilians make a clown show that transcends the tired hackery of so many others, and stakes out a claim in a space only inhabited by Sam Beckett in the past. Marvelous, masterful stuff--check out Zinoman's review in the Times, where he totally gets the piece. You really can't afford to miss this one.

A fast subway home compensated for the bitter wind, and now I'm making lists for tomorrow. Never done.


Tonight I'll dream of eggs.