Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's popular to deride The Office, the new American version of the famed British sitcom. After all, how could it not fail? It's imitating a critically lauded show, and American versions of UK programmes are always terrible, right?

Yes. Yes they are, at least so far...and this is not only no exception, but it feels like it is trying to prove the rule.

I had previously seen 10 minutes of the pilot, which made me want to change my nationallity--but catching 15 minutes of tonight's episode almost made JM and I weep. There isn't even a compelling anecdote to tell, or a way to properly express the bland, not-good-enoughedness of this lackluster American imitation.

I can't even rant about it. Don't see it, don't discuss it--just avoid, avoid, avoid.