Friday, April 29, 2005

Rushing maniacally into the future, has, at long last, an RSS feed. Now you can do all your geekery by yourself, and never ever have to actually visit the site and waste valuable seconds clicking when you could be bathing in information delivered via a rich neural shunt. Many thanks to Tynes for setting it up.

Today is also Mac geek day, as Tiger, Apple's latest operating system, has been officially released. I've had Tiger for two weeks now thanks to a nice young man at the DVD duplicating facility in China, who made a copy of the DVD as it was being pressed and then gave it to me. It's a good upgrade, especially since the APIs are stable, so all your apps don't burst into flames when you do the upgrade--a first in the Mac OS X era. It syncs my bluetooth phone, Dashboard is kitchy fun and Spotlight is genuinely useful, which is more than I usually say about any search technology--I'm more of a folder-and-Finder kind of fellow, most of the time.

Okay, geek break over.