Friday, May 20, 2005

Bad form--I've gone almost an entire week without updates. We've been in Seattle all week, rehearsing ourselves to near-exhaustion at ACT, getting ready for Spoleto. The story is really coalescing now, and we've made tons of progress--the folks at ACT have been a dream to work with, even when we make bizarre requests for audiences during the rehearsal period (which we need because of how we work) they've been incredibly warm, supportive and quick to step up to the plate.

Went to the opening of the Seattle International Film Festival last night, where we caught up with friends who ran the event. They did a great job--it was festive, open and had wonderful, 15' tall projections of Gojira destroying Tokyo, which were only outranked by the massive black velvet portraits of naked women. Tasteful? I don't know. But kickass? Definitely.

Also, on my walk down memory lane--saw the late, lamented Speakeasy's burned-out shell last Friday night, and snapped this photo--


Hard to believe its been four years since the fire--it's like a whole other lifetime ago.

Today I'll be incommunicado all day--building a new outline for TUA, then running the entire show this evening. Whee!