Thursday, May 26, 2005

Charleston is good so far--we're settled in, and this morning we go check out the theater, followed by a notes session, followed by an evening tech. The festival proper begins tomorrow, so JM and I sat up last night with the Charleston City Paper and the festival guide, plotting our attack on other shows--what we have time to see, what doesn't conflict and how much we can see w/o endangering our own process. Thankfully it's quite a lot.

Ocha Leftimage 1
I must say that Spoleto has put us up in style--almost too much style. We're staying at Charleston Place, the most upscale hotel in town. The accommodations are crazily plush and deluxe, but last night we could find almost nothing within a block or two that wasn't haughty and shut down early...and if we do get room service, it will have to be just once and for good reason, because I'll have to rob a small South American country to pay for it. My favorite menu item: the $150 breakfast for two.

Have to run. The Charleston City Paper also ran a preview piece on THE UGLY AMERICAN, which went well--you can read it here.