Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sold-out, beyond-capacity house for the preview last night, and what a great bunch they were: excited, engaged and totally present. I hurt my voice a bit halfway through act one, because I hadn't calibrated for BRT's space--a rookie mistake, made all the worse because I made the very same mistake last year with 21DY. Nothing critical though--throat seems better today and we'll soldier on.

Tonight is opening night, and today is opening day: I'm really enjoying this monologue, in a way that I never really got to with 21DY, and I think that's because we're older and wiser now, and with a little distance sometimes you can immerse yourself more fully into each moment. I'm really looking forward to the show this evening, and I'd like to take a little time out to thank everyone who's made our work possible over the last few years--the theaters that book us, the colleagues with whom we share our work, and of course, the audiences.

If you're coming to the show this evening I'll see you afterward.