Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What's the sound of a blog staring in on itself? This guy creates the blog Gawkerist to comment on Gawker for the sole purpose of getting a job writing for the'd all be somewhat amusing except for the queasy, self-congratulatory tone and rapid descent into narcissism.

Do Not Try This At Home: One Man's Harrowing (And Slightly Ironic) Attempt to a Media Gig

The other unanticipated development was the fevered speculation about my identity. Former GM editorial director Choire Sicha, at that time still blogging for Sploid (and now an editor at the New York Observer), noted amusingly about Gawkerist, "it's well-written, so it has to be someone we know."

If the Gawker Media people were interested in finding out who I was, Krucoff became positively obsessed. Over the first two weeks of Gawkerist posting, I exchanged over 200 e-mails with Krucoff, most of which cycled between him accusing me of being either his friend Chris Gage or mediabistro's anonymous "foreign correspondent" blogger "Sacramento is the New New York".