Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A demonstration of ironic distance, courtesy of John:

The publisher of Rick Moody's new novel realized that the somewhat
tongue-in-cheek cover above, depicting a Conan the Barbarian
type on a mountaintop, was indistinguishable from the fantasy novels it
resembled. Their solution: a cover redesign featuring the same cover
art, now depicted on the screen inside a movie theatre, as seen from
the back.

The movement of the cover painting from foreground to middle ground is,
quite literally, an ironic distance, accurately measured almost to the

The full NYT article on this distancing effect may be found here.

A second example of ironic distance, courtesy of another John.

I, on the other hand, have no ironic distance, as I am under the weather, which makes me terribly literal.

I am enjoying this article by Oskar Eustis on what he plans for the Public.

I will also be enjoying a delicious coffee in a few moments.


That is all.