Friday, August 26, 2005

Just a reminder—Flaming Box of Stuff is in NYC, playing one weekend only at UCB, and Champagne does a one-night-stand at the PIT. We're going this evening...perhaps we will see you there?

I'm semi-trapped at home now—somehow I have three UPS shipments and a FedEx shipment all arriving today. I don't know how they managed to connive amongst themselves and arrange to all land simultaneously, but I have a serious lunch date with a sandwich, so we'll see how many we're actually here for.

In other news: on the brink of canceling my t-Mobile service due to incredibly poor coverage, especially in my apartment, when suddenly our coverage improved. Checking t-Mobile's online indicator seems to show that things may have actually gotten better,


but I remain skeptical—we'll see if it lasts. t-Mobile has been a long disappointment as far as service goes, so I'm waiting this out a bit to ensure that we actually have working cell phones now.

Well, not all the blog entries can be gems, people—you have to take the wheat with the chaff.

Well, at least here's a link to Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is coming up on September 19th.