Thursday, August 11, 2005


Electronica From the 1920's, Ready for Sampling
NYT's piece on the theremin, a storied and fascinating instrument. I performed in some shows at AHA! Theatre in Seattle, back in the day, where a theremin was played to great effect--I can still recall its haunting and disquieting sounds even now...

Amy Moon of the SFWeekly doesn't like this poster:


She blogs about this, and her impressions of the show, here. I'm delighted that she liked the show so much--as I told her in an email,

I understand what you're getting at, in your entry--but I do think there's an element of that mania in my work, and I am large, so when creating evocative images I seem to end up eating, destroying and devouring objects an inordinate amount of the time.

Monopoly! doesn't have me eating anything:


A nice change of pace.

Speaking of which, we're in the thick of working on M! right now, so if I'm inconstant at getting back to people in the next few days it is because TUA is ending and M! is coming up--it takes a lot of personal bandwidth.

Finally, saw
Josh Kornbluth today. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but he's hosting a show for KQED that is to be titled, The Josh Kornbluth Show, on which he hosts, interviews folks and does some monologue work. We had a really lovely meeting this afternoon; he's a real mensch, a kind and considerate man and a credit to our incredibly small profession.

Now I must work on M!, then perform TUA, then work on M!, then pass out.