Friday, August 19, 2005

I love this USB/FireWire hub that is built into a sexy paper tray, but I can't believe its $150--does anyone know of a knockoff? It's attractive, but that's incredible markup.


Follow up on this picture from a reader:

The Oscar Meyer Wiener truck was once used by Philip Morris (now Altria – they own Oscar) as a leveraging device for some guerilla marketing at MoMA. I heard the woman then in charge of corporate donations for Philip Morris give a talk about how, when MoMA opened their Impressionism exhibit in the early 90’s, they were being funded by PM for millions. PM wanted the Wiener Truck in front of the opening and MoMA was like, no way, we’re MoMA, we have white wine and canapes. Philip Morris was basically like, “Yeah? How much of our funding is it worth giving up to not have the Wiener Truck at your opening, beeeyatch.” I don’t think she used that word though. AND IF YOU PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME.

Finally, and you may have guessed this already: we are back in NYC. Yesterday at our favorite diner a crazy lady got into a fight with her waiter, and neither one would give an inch, so that they bickered like they were married the entire time. Brooklyn, how I've missed you.