Friday, October 27, 2006

things i know for sure: FIRED!!:

No. No. Screw my temp job. Yes. Screw my temp job--or shall I say, my OLD temp job, my EX temp job--screw it. Screw the shall remain nameless idiotic foreign bank that sucked my life force for the last nine weeks and then threw me away like so much tissue paper. Screw them. Screw every boss who's forgotten how to smile, every analyst in his aligator shoes, every HR slug who slinks into the collar of his over-starched Banana Republic knock-off shirt every time I walk by, screw the guy who watches me walk to and from the bathroom and thinks I don't notice. Screw the senior executive assistant who nearly spit on me when I told her I was an actor, her in her pantsuits and her nails that click and her long long stares as I pick at the corner of her particle-board cubicle with my fingers and stumble as I ask her where to order lunch how to get supplies where is the mailroom? Screw the online locks and the long lunches that were okay and then weren't and were watched and then weren't. Screw conference rooms and conference calls and conference meals and conference voices and conference eyes and coffee stains along the rims of conference room mugs. Screw the salaries, ten times mine, that buy the shoes that go on the feet of the people who aren't me who surround me who ask questions of me who wasn't told anything before I began was just shown to a desk shown to a closet shown some files that meant nothing and forced then for days to look busy when I wasn't busy and I'm sorry I'm so fucking sorry that I got a fucking commercial and it interfered with your fucking phone calls and didn't I tell you didn't I fucking lay it out like crystal like a glass fucking tabletop didn't I tell you I was an actor and didn't you say it was okay and so what right does that give you to let me walk out on a Thursday and not say a word and let me leave my things in drawers, what right does that give you to skulk around and make decisions about how it's not working out and not say a word to me and let my androgenous temp agent rep tell me I was not to return!! SCREW YOU!