Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Elizabeth Daisey (nee Borthwick) 1814-1864:

His descendants understand that Michael Daisy came to Australia in 1834 and that the Daisy / Daisey family originally came from Sutherland in Scotland and moved to Ireland. We don't yet know, however, what ship Michael Daisey arrived on or what he did when he first embarked in this country.

Nor do we know exactly when and where Michael Daisey was born. His birth year was given as follows: Age at 1st marriage was 30 = born circa 1814. Age at 2nd marriage was 52 = born circa 1815. Age at death was 67 = b. circa 1815.

Frederick Morrison, MA, MD, in Aldine's History of Queensland, Volume II, 1888, p.530, says the following about Michael Daisey:

The late Michael Daisey, as one of the early pioneers, may fairly claim a place of recognition in this work. He was in every sense of the word a self-made man, and well made at that. He was born in Ireland in the year 1815, and arrived in New South Wales about 1836, and was employed by the late Peter McIntyre, in whose service he saw some rough life, overlanding, etc. He soon acquired a good knowledge of stock generally and their management. He, with two others, came from Maitland to the New England district, and took up the well known runs of Byron and Auburn Vale. In 1858 he went into the Maranoa district to inspect Coogoon, which he purchased from the late Sir J. P. Bell. The following year he took sheep and cattle there, and formed the station on which he carried on successfully until the year 1873, when he sold it. He became a landowner and resident of the West Moreton district in 1861, and resided there until his death in 1881. The Coogoon run is situated in what was known as the "Never Never" country, Talavera being on the one side and Mount Abundance on the other.

The sources for this information are not given however, making research difficult.