Friday, September 21, 2007

EB: I think it's changing so dramatically, I mean, just two years ago none of us were talking about YouTube - now it's part of everybody's daily life. Who knows what technology is going to come out in six months from now, or two years from now. That's going to revolutionize the way we think about watching films. You know, the idea that people watch a movie on an iPod for someone my age, that's insane, yet I recognize if you've grown up watching small images on your laptop or you've been downloading via friends to your phone, an iPod is a pretty good invention. So, I think it's changing and you have to embrace it. You know, digital cinema is coming at us fast and furiously, film will die, day and dark releases are here already, and like I said, people go to movies for different things.

Reporter: I just can't imagine watching "The Godfather" on iTunes for the first time.

EB: But you know what? I think it's analogous, in a way, to music. You know, you have to embrace the change because I know, like, our parents did not buy albums, they only listened to the radio. And then in the '60s, albums came out and people were obsessed with the LP. And then when CDs came out, all the purists were like ‘What the fuck is this? I'm never going to listen to a CD,' and CDs are over now, and nobody buys full length albums when they download it digitally anymore, so it's almost like we come back to the way your guys' grandparents listened to music where it was an individual song by an individual artists that was playing on the radio as opposed to the computer. So it's that thing that happened in 70 years of music that I think is happening now for us in movies, and we'll just have to see where it goes.