Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We landed a flat-out rave in today's Seattle Times, the Northwest's "Paper of Record"

The Arts | Mike Daisey's spellbinding "Monopoly" | Seattle Times Newspaper:

A single narrative well-wrought and well-told can be fully satisfying.

But in his spellbinding monologue "Monopoly!," Mike Daisey counterpoints several stories. Stories about the quixotic genius inventor, Nikola Tesla. And the Redmond-based software giant Microsoft. And the invention of America's favorite board game. And a working-class clan in Maine.

Layering outrage, official and underground history, personal memoir and rollicking humor, Daisey makes you think, feel and question in this show at Capitol Hill Arts Center.

And yes, he makes you laugh — hearty laughter, cathartic and barbed.