Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm doing a reading tomorrow for my friend Greg Kotis, the writer of URINETOWN, who has created a delightful new play for the holiday season.

Below is the message we've been sending out to folks, courtesy of the playwright's charming wife, Ayun Halliday (I have added the coarse image, as it makes me laugh):

Will the death of Santa Claus bring on the Apocalypse as imagined in the Norse Poetic Edda?

Will the elves escape the cruel lash Mrs. Claus?

Is Jesus really the reason for the season?

We're banging together a reading of Greg's new play, Bad Christmas, because, hell, what else can we do with the kids out of school for a week, but rehearse for 3 hours and pray that Milo keeps it together, though admittedly, it's sometimes funnier when he doesn't.

Won't you please come? It won't cost you a dime and it may lead to a full production somewhere down the road.

When: Wednesday, April 23, 7pm

Where: The Barrow Street Theater, 27 Barrow Street, at 7th Avenue (south of Christopher)

What: An under-rehearsed reading of Bad Christmas by Greg Kotis, directed by John Clancy

Who: in alphabetical order
Bill Coelius
Mike Daisey
Ayun Halliday
India Kotis
Milo Kotis
Ben Schneider
Paul Urcioli
Nancy Walsh

How much? Free, damn you!

Bring all your theater-loving, Christmas-hating, open-minded friends, but leave your children at home, please. First come, first served.