Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RetroVision Media » Blog Archive » How Theater Failed America: Reviewed and Recommended:

Mike Daisey, monologist extraordinaire delivered a passionate solo performance of his insightful work, How Theater Failed America at Joe’s Pub in The Public Theater. With passion for his chosen vocation and with just as much compassion for those struggling to survive a diminishing desire for regional theater as an art form, Mr. Daisey, through a series of anecdotal tales and personal explorations, delved into the deep seated reasons theater is losing it’s audiences.With dwindling interest, as a result of a corporate bottom-line mentality infiltrating the art of theater, according to Daisey, all parties concerned are suffering. From theatergoers, to actors, directors, and the unsung techies that make things go smoothly behind the scenes, all are being short changed by a system that is more interested in perpetuating it self as an institution, than providing adequate support for the very art form it’s supposedly existing to support.