Friday, February 06, 2009

One Man’s Blanche DuBois Is a University’s Infringement -

The University of the South, which owns the intellectual property rights for Williams’s “Streetcar Named Desire,” has threatened legal action to stop performances of the one-man show “Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire,” which is scheduled to run through March 15 at SoHo Playhouse.

Lawyers for the university, in Sewanee, Tenn., initially tried to quash the production in September, arguing in a letter to Mr. Rosenthal that his play and performances were “infringements on the university’s valuable intellectual property rights.”

The idea that a UNIVERSITY, of all places, is responsible for this atrocious and petty cease-and-desist harassment in order to silence art is absolutely disgusting. Pathetic assclowns.