Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mike Arauz: Listen to Mike Daisey Tell You A Story:

Listen to this recording of Mike Daisey telling a story about Maureen Dowd, Facebook, Twitter, the death of print media, the movie Young Guns, douchebags, and more. There's a lot that will ring true - and hilarious - for anyone who spends time thinking about how we use the internet. (Warning: contains some NSFW language.)

Mike Daisey is a master storyteller. I've been fortunate enough to follow his work since his first New York production 21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ back in 2002. I've probably seen Mike tell his stories live over a dozen times. Now it's your turn to hear what's so great about him.

Mike performs these stories extemporaneously, i.e. without a script. He simply sits at a desk with a basic outline of topics to cover and proceeds to weave together these incredibly complex and compelling tales.