Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Angry White Guy in Chicago: Why Lieberman Must Be Stripped of EVERYTHING:

• In 1993, Joe blocked the Clinton Healthcare Reform

• In 2005, Joe backed both the Bankruptcy Bill that sided with the credit Card Companies and then backed Bushie's judicial nominees

• In 2008, Joe backed McCain for President

• Also in 2008, Joe voted against banning torture

• Some more in 2008 - Joe suggested that Obama was both a Muslim and a Marxist during the campaign

• Told Glenn Beck (!?) that he thought a Democratic 60 vote Super Majority was "dangerous for the country"

• Yesterday, decided to support a Republican filibuster on Healthcare Reform

Time to strip him of his chairmanship, his party status and his clothes and whip him in the public square. If he wants to be independent, let him be independent.