Saturday, October 03, 2009

Parabasis: More on the Polanski Debate:

The Hollywood folk defending Polanski are shockingly wrong on this one. Not only are they wrong, they're using their megaphone for evil. And that, ultimately is kinda disappointing. Someone on a blog somewhere (99? Createquity?) was talking about how rarely you see celebrity artists doing big pushes to support the arts and arts funding. There's some with musicians supporting music programs in schools but that's mostly it.

Well, we now know that what's really important and worth speaking out about to a lot of folks is trying to protect a man who orally, vaginally and anally raped a drugged thirteen year old while she begged him to stop, skipped bail and has been cruelly punished with multiple awards, two houses and a jet set European lifestyle. Well done there, what a noble stand to take, folks.

Look, I understand the tribal POV here, but still. Standing up for rapists? That's what you really wanna do?