Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Campaign Against the Phrase 'Pro Life' - Healthcare - Gawker:

People will be bandying the phrase 'pro-life' around to refer to anti-abortionists. They should stop.

It is a ridiculous piece of propaganda — who the hell is anti-life? — and has permeated even the most rigorous publications. A search on the New York Times website, for example, reveals that they have used it dozens of times (and not always in quotes from others) over the last month or so.

If self-proclaimed 'pro-lifers' were actually 'pro-life', rather than just anti-abortion, they would presumably also be against the death penalty and for increased regulation of guns. But that's often not the case. There is apparently no moral difficulty for many in holding lethal injection as sacrosanct as the embryo.