Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thoughtful, compelling NYT review. One note: I'm not employing hyperbole when speaking about the pyramid scheme of our financial system on the largest scale, nor by using the term "financial terrorism" for the "too big to fail" shakedown last fall. While grotesque and absurd, it is simply true. When the truth is horrifying, sometimes we call it something else to make it go down easier.


Theater Review - 'The Last Cargo Cult' - At Public Theater - Mike Daisey’s Latest One-Man Show - NYTimes.com:

When he arrives onstage, sitting as he always does behind a glass of water and a desk, he dives into a story about a plane ride to the Pacific island Tanna, which he describes as a land “beyond the reach of money.” With an effortlessness that comes from years of spinning tales, he imbues this uneventful trip with the punch of the first explosion of an action movie.