Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone 4:

It's unfortunate Apple simply didn't enamel the antenna or put a thin clear-coat on it for users who prefer their devices in their naked glory. Steve Jobs always pounds away on the external beauty points of new products in his on-stage speeches, so he logically shouldn't expect everyone to cover that loveliness with an unattractive rubber bumper. Think about it! But then again, an unobtrusive antenna-coating most assuredly was thought of by Apple engineers but rejected by Steve Jobs on the basis of it not looking as nice. Why does all this have me pondering the fanless Mac 128k design again?

To be fair, we wouldn't have the iPhone, iPad or decent looking desktop computers at all if it weren't for Jobs. And yet, we wouldn't have had his engineering failures either. Jobs probably downplayed the problem with iPhone engineers stating, "most people will buy a case -- problem solved." Funny that. An unobtrusive antenna coating seems to have been rejected but clearly a rubber bumper solution was accepted. Seems ludicrous until you start multiplying $29 times hundreds of thousands of buyers. Hmmm.