Monday, September 27, 2010

Fraser Speirs - Blog - The iPad Project: How It's Going:

What we're reaching in some classes is the transformation stage. We're seeing the iPad completely change the way that certain subjects are taught. Our best example so far is Art. I will write and share more about what we're doing in Art over time but it's fair to say that it is already far beyond anything I expected in the first year, let alone the first month.

At this point, all I can give you are some practical anecdotes which, I hope, will give you a flavour of the change.

—I picked up a ream of printer paper yesterday. It had dust on top of it.
—Primary 2 pupils have now memorised their passwords. That's not something that happens when they get 40 minutes a week on computers.
—Last week, we couldn't get the Primary 3 pupils to stop doing maths and go for lunch.
—My daughter April asked me if I could install the educational apps from school on my iPad so she could use them at home.
—We're seeing a reduction in the amount of homework forgotten or not done.
—"Forgetting your folder" for a subject is now a thing of the past.