Friday, December 10, 2010

Seska -

I was listening to OK Go’s latest album (Of the Blue Color of the Sky) which has interviews on it (the extra nice edition). The lead singer is asked how he finds it to sing songs that were written during (and about) his divorce from his wife. My ears perked up as he described sometimes focusing on the syllables of what he is singing and other times he flashes back to all the feelings he experienced during that difficult time. It made me realize that when it comes to artists * the flashbacks to a loss can be a whole other thing than someone who doesn’t have an artistic reminder for that person, that relationship. When you perform a piece about it over and over again (or in my case re-watch it) you relive it fresh and new. I have had a major loss before and it is painful even 15 years later, but this experience has another level to it. Such a reminder. However, I think mixing art with pain and re-living it over and over again has transformative properties and I am intrigued to how it will play out for me.