Thursday, March 10, 2011


Eliminating support for software not written for Intel hardware? Eliminating Rosetta? I can't believe Apple is doing this. I guess this is what happens to a company when they go through hard times like they did back in the late 90's (almost being bought out by someone else) to a point of where they become the stars of the show. It all eventually goes to your head. Call it ego or whatever you wish. It's not about making insanely great products anymore, it's sheer laziness and the $$ factor of less development costs and resources needed to continue to support older hardware and software.

Apple is forcing upgrades down people's throats these days and I'm telling you, this is going to seriously backfire on them once their financial results begin souring a little more every quarter just as they did when Gil Amelio was at the helm. Perhaps this is what is needed so that Apple can start to humble themselves a little bit. These are very tough economic times. Real tough. I see a lot of people literally living off their VISA cards in order to survive.

After reading all this, there's no way in the world we will move to 10.7 until we have absolutely no choice. Our family has spent thousands on Apple equipment over the last 5 years and now, after reading this on MacInTouch, we're going to have to go out and spend thousands once again? I'm not impressed at all with Apple's "too big for their britches" attitude as of late. I expressed my opinion to Apple using the feedback link MacInTouch was kind enough to provide. I doubt that it will make any difference, though.