Monday, March 21, 2011


Apple. Cash. In. Hand. US$26,900,000,000.00 26.9 b i l l i o n s.


It *is* time for Apple to lay off the people who have gotten them to where they are.

They *can* afford to avoid making their supporters' lives a misery, again, of adaptors, of work-rounds, of finding information on what to do & how. Just to do some work.

I started the tax records legalities discussion. Then I said that Ubuntu looks better every time I fire it up ('or words to that effect'.)
Put bluntly, after 26 years of supporting Apple (users), when they, Apple, didn't do much, I am coming to realise that I have been used, in a fashion that I am now finding uncomfortable to accept. I will not mention all my financial outgoings in support. They were my decisions at the time.

It was a great marriage, with some wonderful moments, but as with so many relationships these days, if backwards support is eliminated one more time, I'm out the door.