Monday, August 08, 2011

What is Lion's weakest new feature? - Page 2 - MacRumors Forums:

i know how to use the terminal, i have been a SUN solaris UNIX sysadmin for 14 years now. I just don't like the new defaults in lion where they hide the advanced stuff in the GUI. if i wanted to tinker on the command line to make my desktop usable i would have stuck with Slackware and FreeBSD on my desktops and laptops and not buy this EUR2000,- MBP.

I know i can make the library files visible, reverse that odd scrolling, ignore the existence of launchpad and mission control, turn off application state resume, turn back on the traffic lights in my dock, untick 'restart apps' at every shutdown and 'really' close apps using the keyboard ...... but it's just that if i do all that then what am i left with?

yes indeed .... with SL again, just without spaces and with some serious memory issues.